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Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is financial support that may be awarded to either spouse following a divorce. Rather than basing spousal support on who is at-fault for a divorce, alimony is calculated based on a variety of factors.

If both parties are able to support themselves, the court does not have to award alimony to either individual. At the Law Firm of Caryl Jacobs Gabe, Ltd., our Hoffman Estates alimony lawyer can provide strategic legal representation to maximize your chances of obtaining an outcome in your favor.

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How Does Alimony Work in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, either spouse can qualify for alimony. However, spousal support is only allowed for couples who are legally married. 

How do the Illinois Family Courts Determine Alimony?

  • Specific financial needs
  • Present and future earning capacity
  • Current income and property
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age, physical, and mental condition
  • Damage to earning capacity of one spouse due to domestic duties or passing up education, training, employment, or career opportunities during the marriage
  • Contributions to the other spouse's education, training, or career
  • Time that it will take for the other spouse to obtain the education, training, or employment necessary to support themselves
  • Tax consequences on each spouse's financial situation of property division

How to Avoid Paying Alimony in Illinois

If certain conditions exist, you can avoid paying alimony. However, there are no guarantees this will happen even if the conditions are met, as the court takes many other factors into consideration. There are two primary ways that you can avoid alimony upon getting a divorce: premarital agreements and negotiations of alimony.

Premarital Agreements 

  • A prenup or postnup is the easiest and most efficient way to outline the financial expectations of a marriage and/or divorce. The terms of the premarital agreement must be fair to both parties involved, as the court will not accept financial arrangements that put one of the spouses in hardship.

Negotiations of Alimony  

  • During the settlement, you may offer certain assets such as real estate or stock portfolios in exchange for future alimony payments. The court will make the final decision as to whether the exchange is fair for both sides.

If alimony is still required, you may be able to modify the structure in the future. Contact our alimony lawyer in Hoffman Estates for more information about modifying or terminating alimony payments.

Protecting Your Financial Future

We understand that divorce and alimony cases can be confusing, overwhelming, and very emotionally charged. With the financial future of you and your family at stake, you need an experienced Hoffman Estates alimony attorney to protect your rights, provide aggressive legal representation, and fight for the outcome that you need. 

No matter how complex your case may be, we are well-prepared to take it on. At Law Firm of Caryl Jacobs Gabe, Ltd., we work quickly to improve your chances of a successful outcome so you can move forward with your life.

We proudly serve the following areas: Palatine, Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington Hills, and the suburbs of Chicago. Contact online or call our office today at (847) 278-2851 and schedule a free initial consultation with our alimony lawyer in Hoffman Estates, IL!

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