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  • Best Lawyer period.

    I have hired Ms. Gabe on several occasions to assist me with my divorce and other family law related matters. She is a true professional, and always took the time to listen. I have recommended my family to her over the years and their experiences have been wonderful as well.

    Sep 27, 2016
  • Honest and Professional!

    Caryl handled my divorce and made a very difficult time in my life an easy one. Thank you for all that you did for me. It will not be forgotten.

    Sep 27, 2016
  • Exceptional attorney!!!!!!!!

    I have known Caryl for quite a few years now and anyone looking for a family law attorney, she is the only one I recommend to all my clients. A true professional in every sense of the word.

    Sep 27, 2016
  • Best lawyer in the northwest suburbs

    I came to Caryl initially to get some legal advise, and I was so impressed with her calm demeanor in our initial consultation that I came back to her a week later and filed for divorce. The process was so quick and easy. All my questions were answered in an expeditious and honest manner. I will be recommending many more people to her. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

    Sep 27, 2016
  • Top notch attorney.

    I have known Caryl for many years and have had numerous family law cases against her. She has always shown the utmost respect and professionalism.

    Sep 27, 2016
  • Highly recommend!

    I came to Caryl for my divorce and the experience was exceptional, That I came back to her for a post decree issue. I will recommend her to everyone. Thank you for keeping me sane.

    Sep 27, 2016
  • I will recommend Caryl to anyone going through a difficult divorce

    Any questions I had, Caryl or Tim would happily answer them. Caryl stood up for me repeatedly in an ugly battle. Things were done promptly, even when the other side was slow. Caryl's confidence is comforting and well deserved. Everything worked out in my favor in the end. Thank you for all you did for me during that difficult time. I appreciate the patience that shown to me, and the calming demeanor that was constant throughout. 5 stars is an understatement

    Feb 16, 2016
  • Caryl Jacobs Gabe saved my life!!!!

    Caryl Jacobs Gabe saved my life!!!! Beyond grateful!!

    Feb 10, 2016
  • Caryl fought for me and I would recommend her to anyone looking for the best representation

    Wow! Thank you, thank you to Caryl Gabe and her staff. I had a very difficult custody battle with my ex and Caryl was always there for me. Her experience and creativity allowed me to gain full custody of my children. I went to other attorneys who listened to my predicament, and she was the ONLY ONE who said it was doable. She fought for me and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for the best.

    Oct 30, 2015
  • The Best Divorce Laywer In Chicago!

    Carly Gabe and her staff provided me with A+ legal advice and the counseling support to help me come out of the divorce in good spirits and ready for my new life. It's nice going into the court room knowing that your lawyer is 3 steps ahead of the competition!

    Oct 30, 2015
  • Their professionalism was second to none.

    Caryl and her staff were outstanding from start to finish. I really appreciate all of the hardwork and dedication to my case. Their professionalism was second to none. I would highly recommend them, and thank them for making a difficult time in my life tolerable.

    Oct 26, 2015
  • I wouldn't have made it through without their assistance.

    I really appreciated all the help Caryl and Tim provided to me during a very difficult time in my life. I wouldn't have made it through without their assistance.

    Oct 26, 2015