Father's Rights Lawyer in Hoffman Estates

Ensuring That Fathers are Treated Equally Under the Law

Our legal team at the Law Firm of Caryl Jacobs Gabe, Ltd. is well-aware of the challenges that many fathers face in the legal system. Even though family law courts are moving towards equality for both parents, many men still feel that their rights are not as protected as they should be. If you are wondering what your rights are as a father and how you can assert those rights effectively, you may benefit from obtaining well-informed legal advice and representation from a knowledgeable Hoffman Estates divorce attorney, serving Palatine and all the Chicago suburbs.

The following situations may require you to seek legal representation:

  • To contest or question being named the father in an out-of-wedlock pregnancy
  • To assert your child custody or visitation rights for a child born out of wedlock
  • To reevaluate the appropriate amount of child support provided
  • To receive child support from the child's other parent
  • To establish fair custody and visitation rights in the event of a divorce
  • To have equal standing as the parent of your child, regardless of a previous relationship

Assisting With Matters of Child Support, Custody, & More

Whether you are concerned about matters of child support, custody, or visitation, the Law Firm of Caryl Jacobs Gabe, Ltd. is fully prepared to aggressively protect your parental rights. Although the legal system may seem complex or hostile, you can rest assured that our top priority is to defend the best interests of you and your child. Our Hoffman Estates divorce attorney respects your rights as a father. We will fight to maximize your chances of receiving fair and equal treatment under the law.

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